Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!

Soooo what to say for the first post in the new year....

Well obviously we took a couple of much needed weeks to rest and rejuvenate, although we did have two holiday weddings that I will be very excited to share soon.

I do want to say how terribly grateful I am to be able to do what I do. And I could never ever do it if I didn't have the help and support of a few good peeps.

First I want to say how utterly privileged I feel that God literally plopped these opportunities down in my lap. Second, my dear husband Robb. Without him I could never do this: he is the one who actually builds stuff and gets it from here to there (not to mention all the cooking and keeping three incautious little boys entertained). And my sweet Erica... you will be hearing so much more about her. She is one talented chick that has joined Team Osaba, and I am beyond thrilled that she stays on despite the insanity. :)

Sometimes I can't even believe how quickly this business grew. Anyhow... I guess starting a new year you kinda get all sentimental.

Moving on... Check out the adorable Christmas cards that the one and only Miss Erica designed, both for our family and the business. The awesome Heidi took the photos of the boys (more of those to come soon, too).

I'm tellin' you, just look how stinkin' cute these are. She hand drew the flower on the front and we crafted each and every one of the fabric pieces. Love it! I am lucky to have her and am forever grateful for all that she does for me and the business.

Maybe the best gift we received this Christmas was photos sent all the way from Haiti that the bears had made it (also see here for the story on WSB-TV and here for even more)! The bears, after being sent down to Haiti by LIFT, received by Global Dirt, gotten through customs by Can-Do, and loaded onto a schoolbus brought by GrassRoots United were passed out to several orphanages and women's battery shelters and clinics on Christmas Day. So special. Next week Noah will be recognized by the City of Duluth for his kind heart. We're very very proud to say the least.

Very cool to see Noah's very own Cat in the Hat going to the kids. Something he will always have to remember his good heart.

Cheers y'all. I hope this year is your best one yet!


  1. Wow that is Great the Bears made it to HAITI, Noah is such a kind little many kids were so Happy I see. Good Job Noah!

  2. Phoob, kudos to're the one who keeps us all together and the business going when I have to be out of town all the time...wish I could be here more - luv u

  3. My bouquet made your Holiday card! Holla! :-) Happy New Year! It got sent to my mom's house so I hadn't seen it yet - she didn't tell me I was on it!