Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Family Pics

I am so in love with Our Labor of Love. Heidi has taken so many wonderful pictures of our family and my flowers, and I could never thank her enough. She is one talented chick! She came out to the house to get some shots of my cute little family! They turned out to be incredible. I could not believe she captured all of these, because the baby was so upset the whole time! She’s a miracle worker. Thanks Heidi!!

But I have to say those boys are pretty stinkin cute! Don’t ya think.
It’s true what your mamma told ya….you never know what real love is until ya have a baby- Cuz they can make me pretty crazy sometimes, but every moment I love more and more and more and……

Photos by Our Labor of Love by Heidi


  1. I really liked this last photo of your sons....

    totally captures them young, a little reckless on the tracks, but able to see them together as best friends in the coming years......

    just 'found' your blog today via Lisa Porter "somehow" and so glad I did - your style with floral looks so organic - right up my organic alley -
    great to meet you,
    Anne Marie
    Na-Da Farm