Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Really Beautiful Shoot...

A few months ago Joy and I worked on The Not Wedding together and instantly hit it off. I knew she was my kind of girl from the moment I saw her work. She is uber talented and is now, I am glad to say, one of my sweet friends. Joy was so sweet to invite me to be a part of this photo shoot with the very talented photographer, Jeremy Harwell.

This shoot was shot at Serenbe - a beautiful, sustainable, local farm-rasin’, yummy food-gettin’, lay in a cot and take a rest farm community…that my husband and I secretly want to escape to.
I feel like this shoot took on a very European, old world Spanish/Cuban (shout out to my cute Cuban husband), feel. Very timeless and elegant.
Thanks everyone who made it so gorgeous!

Photos by Jeremy Harwell