Friday, November 12, 2010

Lullwater Acres

Max at Sun in My Belly was so sweet to ask me to help him with an event to promote a new venue in Atlanta called Lullwater Acres. This house was so gorgeous that we decided we had to do a little shoot in the dining room. The textures were just too yummy. Heidi not only took some amazing shots but did the absolutely gorgeous paper table runner of fig leaves. We had such a fun day... the day was crisp and nice and the food was fabulous [as always]. Even the Smilebooth was there!

Yay!!!! Go team. Love each and every one of y'all.

me + Raney O'Keefe being silly; sexy Whitney; Max + Susan of Sun in My Belly; Nema + Allison of Sun in My Belly; Erica + Maria of AO, Raney O'Keefe, me, +Ashley Baber; Julia + Heidi of OLOL

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