Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Noah Turns 7!

I couldn't resist this year. Every year when my oldest boy Noah's birthday comes around it just gets too crazy to do a Halloween party for him. But this year he wanted a costume party. So on a weekend I didn't have any events (...or so I thought as Erica and I were carrying a 100lb table through a wooded park...), we set up under a couple of sweet southern trees in a huge field.  It turned out pretty stinkin' cute. Check out the detail on the clues that the incredibly talented Erica made (who you will all officially meet on the new blogsite coming soon!). She is an amazing designer who I am lucky to have - extremely creative and she keeps me sane. She did all of these by hand. No printing here, just good ol' raw talent.

And I have to give a huge thank you to Camille Ridinger of camille deann photography who so graciously gave up an afternoon with her son to come and shoot mine. She is one cool lady and totally talented. Thanks Camille for capturing the sweetness of the kids.